We turn building data into success.

The combination of value, risk and energy per building is new and unique on the market.

SkenData enables an end-to-end digital process: from the automatic indication of the energy efficiency class, CO2 emissions and energy demand of a building to the energy demand certificate, individual renovation roadmap and the application for subsidies.

How SkenData

How much is my house worth? Am I still properly insured? Is the old building insurance sum sufficient? Underinsurance can be very expensive. You need the current, regional building value – as an indication or precise and resilient? We supply the appropriate tools – on the Wert14 platform or as an interface and construction kit. We implement your individual requirements in projects.

Wert14 – Products & Services

We automatically determine a value indication – all we need is an address or a geo-coordinate. Wert14 analyzes the address, the 3D building model, aerial photographs and further data sources. By means of several standard value determination procedures, an automatic error correction and machine learning, we determine the certain building value.

The Following Insurers Declare Waiver of Underinsurance

Allianz Versicherungs-AG
Baloise Sachversicherung AG
BGV / Badische Versicherungen
Rheinland Versicherungen
Signal Iduna
VHV Versicherungen
Rhion Versicherung AG
Ergo Group AG


Wert14 is renowned in the insurance industry. More than 18 insurers declare waiver of underinsurance by the Wert14 valuation. Our multidisciplinary team of insurance specialists, building surveyors, geoinformaticians and datascientists is specifically focused on building valuation. Benefit from our experience, providing a high level of customer care. 


Use the potential of digital administration: paperless, within seconds, scalable, integrable.


Stay with us on the pulse of time, always up to date and one step ahead.


This is in our DNA – we are multi-client capable right from the very beginning and guarantee modern data protection and data security.


Valuation at any time, at any place, on any device – even in customer dialogue.