Our technology
makes the building insurance better, easier and faster.

Wert 14

Building evaluation in seconds. Rate buildings. Simple. Fast. Exactly.

With Wert14 you determine the current building recovery value. Wert14 analyses the governmental 3D building data and aerial photographs of 51 million buildings in Germany. Complex algorithms in combination with artificial intelligence and approved calculation methods lead to a realistic recovery value.

And the most important point: many insurers declare an underinsurance waiver.

Wert14 PotentialAnalyse

Provides you a great overview.

THE solution for your building portfolio. Quickly and easily compare your insured buildings with the current Wert14 evaluation. Upload your spreadsheet and immediately recognize the potential of your building stock. Find further potentials in your portfolio. Where to search? We provide all details.

Wert14 Foto App

Shine even on the go with Wert14

Simply offer building insurance with a single snapshot:

Do you want to implement an intelligent and fast solution for your customers and integrate artificial intelligence into your sales processes?

With our app, you’ve found the right tool based on a single photo.

Wert14 API & Services

Totally individual Solution

We supply Wert14 as an API and modular system. Simply integrate Wert14 into your own user interface or company website.