Net Zero building insurance

For the implementation of the EU package of measures on Sustainable Finance, the European Green Deal and the German Climate Protection Act, there is an urgent need to determine the energy efficiency and CO2 equivalents of buildings. To achieve the climate protection target, the energy efficiency class A or A+ according to the EU taxonomy must be achieved in the long term.

This means new requirements for new and existing business for insurers, banks, asset managers and the housing industry.

Energy efficiency and CO2

For the recording of energy efficiency and CO2 equivalents of existing contracts, SkenData Portfolio Energy offers the output of sustainability information and energy efficiency classes.

To enable reporting in accordance with the

  • EU Taxonomy,
  • Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR),
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), but also
  • corporate targets (e.g. Science Based Targets, Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance), as well as the
  • the European Central Bank (ECB) stress test

a systematic analysis of the EU taxonomy in the building stock is necessary.

With SkenData Portfolio Energy, SkenData opens up an efficient collection and reporting process.

With this innovative tool, banks, insurers, asset managers and the housing industry receive the solution for digital and automated determination and reporting of the building portfolio in energy efficiency classes and CO2 equivalents.

SkenData Portfolio Energy – Net Zero in buildings insurance


Your benefits

Compared to a manual determination by an energy consultant or the collection of scanned energy consumption certificates, the main points become immediately visible with the use of SkenData Portfolio Energy. At the same time, the solution speeds up the ESG reporting process for banks, insurers and the housing industry.

This not only increases economic efficiency. It also makes it easy to quickly adapt to new legal regulations and company-specific guidelines.

Furthermore, the results can be transferred directly into the sales process.

Energy efficiency classes

Quick and transparent indication of CO2 balances, energy requirements and energy efficiency classes.

Compliance requirements

Quick and easy adaptation to new legal regulations and company-specific guidelines.

Optimised risk controlling

Closing of data gaps in risk controlling through transparent, clear presentation of possible risks.

High-quality data preparation

Preparation of high-quality data for the rating.

Company reporting

Acceleration of the ESG reporting process for banks, insurers and the housing industry. Transfer of data into own corporate reporting.

Basic measures

Use of the results as a basis for measures that can be planned.

Efficient workflow

Increased efficiency through a completely digital workflow within the tool.

New sales impulses

Direct transfer of the results into the sales process and creation of new sales impulses.

Building portfolio analysis with SkenData

SkenData possesses over 51 million 3D building models across Germany.

With SkenData Portfolio Energy, emission intensities and energy efficiency classes of existing contracts are automatically analysed and recorded.

SkenData Portfolio Energy – Offline

SkenData has digitised the entire building stock in Germany. The address is sufficient for georeferencing. The user receives an indication of CO2 balances and energy efficiency classes for his building portfolio.

  1. Upload building portfolio (as .xls or .csv file)
  2. Output of the enriched portfolio (incl. energy efficiency and CO2 balance)

SkenData Portfolio Energy – Online

The online application enables the recording and verification of buildings as well as the adjustment of data. The result is clearly presented in the dashboard and available as a PDF report and xls download.

  1. Upload building portfolio (as .xls or .csv file).
  2. Display of energy efficiency and CO2 balance; adaptation of building data
  3. Download results (as PDF or Excel list)

SkenData Energy Demand Certificate

SkenData is an approved issuer of energy performance certificates. For this purpose, SkenData provides the fastest process available on the market for a legally compliant GEG and DIN-compliant energy demand certificate.

How the data enrichment works

Automatic georeferencing

The addresses are referenced automatically.

Transfer of addresses

The addresses are transferred into an object-oriented 3D building model.

Automated calculation

The building geometry incl. heated areas and heated volume is calculated automatically.

Calculation of the energy indicators

The CO2 balances, the energy demand and the energy efficiency classes are calculated automatically in a recognised procedure.

Note: According to the GEG (Building Energy Act), this method is permissible for residential buildings with normal indoor temperatures without cooling technology. With regard to data collection, simplifications of inventory calculations are applied according to § 50 paragraph 3 GEG.